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Stop Looking for Your Dream Home. Build It Instead.

Connect with a new home construction company in Salisbury, NC

Let's face it - house hunting is stressful. If you want to get the perfect home without the hassle, turn to Porter & Cress Builders. We're a new home construction company based in Salisbury, NC that will design and build your dream home.

You can also get historic home restoration services to preserve your home's unique character. Talk to our new construction contractor today to learn more about our services.

3 benefits of building a new construction home

New home construction can seem overwhelming at first. But the many benefits will reduce stress over the years. Thanks to 15+ years of construction experience, our team will leave you with a home that is:
  1. Low-maintenance - You won't need to replace your roof, appliances or flooring for years.
  2. Move-in ready - Don't worry about painting or remodeling before you move in.
  3. Energy-efficient - Get an eco-friendly home with new appliances and top-notch insulation.

Want to enjoy all of the above benefits and more? Schedule an appointment with our new construction contractor today.