historic building renovations salisbury nc

Preserve Your Historic Home

Turn to us for historic building renovations in Salisbury, NC

Don't let your historic property fall into disrepair. Get in touch with Porter & Cress Builders to discuss the kind of historic building renovations we do. If there is specific millwork in your historic home, we can duplicate it to preserve the unique look of your house. We also line your trim work.

Contact us today to learn more about the historic building renovations we offer throughout Salisbury, NC.

Connect with an experienced tile contractor

If you're laying tile in your historic building, you want a top-notch tile contractor taking care of the project. We're always careful to install new tiles without disrupting the historic appearance of the building. We can reproduce the tile in your historic home to patch holes without changing the authentic look.

We can also clean tile in your house, eliminating the years of grime and dust that might have built up on your tile floors.

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